Sunday, 1 January 2017

December Daily Draw - 28 to 31

Day 31 - New Years Eve 
Lovely bunch of flowers that were given to me by my neighbour yesterday.
`bright and cheerful to celebrate the old and bring in the New Year.
Happy New Year!!!!

Day 30 - Ready made Still life "washing up" after a lovely meal with my neighbours

Day 29 - Tea Still life
Experimenting with collage

Day 28 - House Plant 

Day 27 - December Daily Draw

Ruby Resting after a long train Journey 

Day 26 December Daily Draw - Walk and Draw

Boxing day walk along Baggypoint Devon.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

December Daily Draw - Day 23 - 25 Devon

Day 25 - Christmas Day evening reading a story before bed after all the christmas day excitement.

Day 24 - Christmas Eve Treats

Day 23 - Traveling to Barnstaple in Devon on the train.

December Daily Draw - Day 20 -22 Thames Ditton

Day 22 - Bus from Thames Ditton to Kingston.

Day 21 - Thames Ditton Village sketched in the late afternoon hen it was dark.

Day 20
I went to visit my mum just before christmas. She lives in a flat overlooking St.Nicholas Church in Thames Ditton Surrey. I sketched this at night when the church was lit up.


Monday, 19 December 2016

Day 19 - December Daily Draw - Trowse Norwich

These Collages are made in Upper Trowse Norwich. The modern houses are in the style of Dutch Gable. I was inspired by the curved designs of the roof tops, the structures of the chimneys and the spaces between the houses. Whilst I was sketching a bird decided to poop on my page. How rude!!!

I decided to create a more abstract piece which was inspired by the curved roof tops, chimney pots, windows, patterns and the negative shapes between the houses.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Day 18 - December Daily Draw - experimenting with collage

This is the back of the terraced houses I live in. The gardens are separated by a communal path that runs along the back. This creates a lovely open community atmosphere especially in the summer. I have lovely neighbours who often bring me fresh veg from their allotments.

I created an abstract collage which was influenced by the shapes and patterns of the terraced houses and gardens.