Wednesday, 30 December 2015

NUA - Lino Printmaking Masterclass with Illustrator Clare Melinsky

We were offered a Masterclass with Illustrator/printmaker Clare Melinsky. Clare's lino cut illustrations are so detailed and delicate. Absolutely amazing work.

The theme of the workshop was 'chance' so we were encouraged to work spontaneously and experiment by overprinting each others work and being adventurous during the cutting, inking up and printing stage.I was amazed at the marks you can create with the tools and the layering of transparent inks. 

I decided to create a lino from my sketch of St Paul's Cathedral I had drawn from the 32nd floor building in London the previous weekend.

Sketching London from a height - Sunday 29th November 2015

I was lucky to be invited to sketch London from the comfort of the 32nd floor of an Office block in Moorgate London along with a group of other urban sketchers. The views were incredible and over whelming.  Thank you to James Hobbs and Carlos for organising a great sketching event.

See my post on London Urban sketchers Blog.

Reportage Masterclass with Rachel Gannon

I signed up for the Reportage masterclass at the House of Illustration with Rachel Gannon. It was a great to meet like minded people and learn new ways of documenting and creating reportage drawings.The weather was absolutely freezing and windy so we had to take plenty of coffee breaks and warm up. A great experience.


For part of my MA project for this unit I was exploring the process of Screen printing. Using my images of Anglia Square I separated the layers into four stencils to create a manual Screen-print. The quality of the ink and colours are so rich. I would like to explore this process further possibly using hand drawn elements rather than creating parts of it digitally.  

My entries for the John Ruskin Prize 2015

My Entries for the John Ruskin Prize 2015 communicating the theme of - Recording Britain Now - Society (in rapid transition)

There were over 700 entries and only 30 shortlisted. I managed to get into the last 150 which I was really pleased with. My images reflect society on the margins of Norwich - Anglia Square.