Sunday, 27 September 2015

People and Place from New Perspectives

I have been busy working on my MA projects lately which has taken most of my time. I am still documenting Anglia Square in Norwich but this time focusing on People and Place form New perspectives.  As well as sketching I wanted to see if I could combine photography, drawing and found detritus. My Intention is to create a book which not only captures the individuality of Anglia Square from diverse perspectives, but to archive a point in time and history for future generations. 

People and Place
My practice has always been based on observations of my surroundings in particular People and Place, recording behind the scenes, ordinary life and the simple everyday experiences that pass by and tend to be forgotten and hidden away. My aim is to acknowledge, record and celebrate real places that are full of culture and virtue in a world of power and capitalism. 
Anglia Square has been subject to planning for many years. It is the under belly of Norwich, and lies in the shadows of the city. It’s a forgotten place that has been neglected which adds to its charm and unique character. 

In order to avoid focusing on the stereotypical aspects of the square I set myself a routine to undertake whilst on location to help me find new perspectives. The book showcases my observations of Anglia Square from June to August 2015. 

Here are some of the initial sketches of life in the square and a sample of collected detritus and page layouts where I have combined sketches with the photographs.

I have collected found detritus to collage onto the pages before sketching to combine people and place.

I have used photoshop to combine the photograph with the sketch.

 Here are a selection of page layouts combining sketches, photographs and hand written narratives from the local people who frequent the Square.

I had a lovely comment on flickr giving this piece a title of  'A Ballet of Workman'