Saturday, 4 April 2015

Layer Two of Live sketches Anglia Square

Second layer of Sketches made on Friday 27th March. I felt a bit nervous sketching spontaneously on top of the original sketches on situ. Once I had made a mark I had to go with whatever the outcome. I discovered a tiny one stop watch repairs and  key cutters under the stairs of Anglia Square which is closing down soon as the owner is retiring. I wanted to have a record of his business before he goes as it will no longer exist soon due to the uncertain future of the square. I had a lot of signage to contend with!! I hope to document this more....

Here are some more  people sitting on benches recorded in the main square. A couple having a cup of 
tea and a man taking a break with his latest purchase of a new pillow. 

You can see some traces of the previous sketch underneath suggesting layered time. I am trying to capture mundane life taking place in the square.

First Layer of paint wiping away first sketches!

Here is my animation set up in my cupboard at home. The set up consists of a Rostrum stand, DSLR camera set on manual, a peg bar, x2 halogen floodlights, white emulsion diluted, ruler and scraper. Hope it works !!

I have about 10 initial sketches recording Anglia square and  here is an example of the paint wiping away one of the original sketches. Each image is captured using 18-24 frames. This is the beginning middle and end stages. This is the main entrance into Anglia Square sketched from Aladdin Cafe and patisserie across the road on Magdalen Street with some lovely mint tea and baklava.