Saturday, 21 March 2015

MA Brief - The Extended Mind

Task - Using Found Imagery communicate an idea based on visual content, context and/or composition /colour and form. Organise these images without commentary and according to your own taxonomy. Expand on the notion of visual narrative, and explore diversity and specificity throughout your approach.

"The more we get involved with this process of entropy as an organising force the more planning and chance become the same thing" - Robert Smithson

This was my interpretation of the brief influenced by Ed Rushca "Every building On the Sunset Strip" photographed along the Hollywood Boulevard. He mounted a motorised camera to the back of a pickup truck and photographed every building he passed. The photographs were printed in order and labeled with street numbers. His are anthropological and explores his experience of an urban environment objectively where as my approach is subjective. 

 I decided to record the part of my journey through London on the way to Norwich from the window of a coach. I decide to sketch rather than photograph. These are a few of the sketches I did without looking at the paper and in no particular order.

I worked on the sketches using photoshop to suggest layered time, a sense of movement and repetition along the journey. Images flash past then reappear along the way, in the distance or close up. I made sketches into brushes and used them expressively in the background.


I organised them in a random order and into a booklet which formed a circular display.

I filmed it to give a sense of movement, and to try to recapture the experience of the journey  using light and shadow.

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