Sunday, 1 November 2015

Battersea Power Station London

Sunday 11th October  

With new Glue stick in hand I was determined to capture Battersea Power Station so I stopped off at Vauxhall station on my way to Waterloo, and walked along the Thames Path to sketch the Power Station from across the river. When I was in my late teens I used the train line  that passed Battersea Power Station quite a lot and it was always an iconic land mark for me as the train approached London. I thought that drawing with torn Paper was an appropriate medium to capture the regeneration taking place. 

My inspiration for using collage paper and mark making comes from the amazing collages by John Piper. The piece below is Titled the Martello Towers at Hythe 1932 and he used ink, gouache, pencil and collage. I love the naivety and combination of media.

John Piper in 1930s Abstraction on the Beach

Juggling with Paper and glue on a windy day can be quite a challenge. I perched on the wall edge by the railings and being careful not to loose anything else in the river I started to create some patterns and textures on to a variety of papers from observation of the Battersea Power Station to draw/collage with.

Media - variety of papers, brush pen, cool grey and ivory marker pen, digital colour

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