Tuesday, 22 November 2016

More sketches from my Artist in Residence at Yarmouth Stores Factory

The Front of Yarmouth stores factory for the front Of my book.

Sketching in the Factory

I tried to capture the mood of the ordered chaos of the machine room. Reminds me of a stormy sea. the rhythmic sounds of the machines bursting into action. This room was in complete contrast to the calmness of the cutting room downstairs where you could hear the heavy clunks of stud machine overhead.

April on the Stud Machine

View of the machinists at work. The pink draws your eye down the line and out of the window to the the houses of Great Yarmouth where many of the machinists live. 

Pauline on the elastic machine. There are so many different machines to draw, This is the elastic machine. The machinists blend in as they work naturally and with ease with the movements of the machines. Pauline has operated these machines for so many years that its second nature.

Pauline is in charge of the finishings like buttons and button holes. 

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