Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Anglia Square lies in the "Shadow of the City".

 Sketching in Anglia Square has given me the opportunity to talk to a range of people mainly exchanging stories and thoughts about looming regeneration project. Many people don't experience life in the centre of the city. I have also had conversations with people who have never  been to Anglia Square. There seems to be a divide within the city. This side of the city used to be known as Norwich Over the Water. Anglia Square is an overlooked part of the city abandoned and disreputable, when in fact it is part of a rich cultural centre of the city. It would be interesting to expose my film to an audience in the main city to promote Anglia Square. I have thought about shop fonts or projecting it in empty spaces. Perhaps projecting it in the square. It would be interesting to document parts of the main city and bring it to the square. Anglia Square lies in the "Shadow of the City". 

Here are snippets of conversations with people from the square that I would like to include in My short film. I have traced them to give a hand drawn effect keeping in style with the drawings.


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