Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Live Artifact

 Below are my live working artefacts which have 5 layers of drawings that have been recorded over the last few months and then each layer erased and wiped away only to reveal fragments of time and place.A glimpse of the past ghosting through the surface.  No original drawings exist apart from the traces creating a palimpsest. Each artefact has its own narrative to tell. I have recorded the passage of time sweeping across each document and plan to reveal the stories that lie trapped under the layers by creating an animated film using after effects.

William Kentridge

Kentridge has been my main inspiration during this project.  He creates stop motion  animations by filming a drawing then erasing and making small alterations and then filming it again transforming the image and eventually bringing it to life. The previous marks are visible under the layers. I am fascinated by the process he goes through. His are made in the studio and mine are mainly created live on location. His work usually has a political or social meaning and often features South Africa's political unrest. My animated film captures the economic, and social characteristics of a place, archiving fragile and forgotten urban environments.

                                                William Kentridge Automatic Writing


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